maanantai 2. syyskuuta 2013

Champion of Nurgle, part II

In the last part I showed just the parts and primed them for painting. In this part I will show how I painted the loin cloth and the Black Mace using Badged's Minitaire Ghost Tints.

Because the Ghost Tints are transparent paints we need to pre-shade the area that we're painting. I used black and highlighted it with grey and white.

Here's the Black Mace pre-shaded and ready for Ghost Tints:

I did same type of shading to the loin cloth, but unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures of it. After the desired amount of shading I started to apply thin coats of Ghost Tint.

I used Fresh Blood for the loin cloth for a vibrant red finish:

Ghost Tints leave a glossy finish and will affect the paints painted over them, so a matt varnish was applied after the Ghost Tint dried for 24h.

For the Black Mace I used Blue Ghost Tint for the first layer. Then I blow dried it for couple minutes and then left to dry for an hour. After that I made some highlight with white over the highest features and applied a thin coat of Plasma Fluid:
After the last coat of Plasma Fluid was dried enough I decided to make a one more coat with Midnight Blue to darken the mace a bit because the Plasma Fluid made it a bit too bright:

In the next part I will be painting the body parts.

Champion of Nurgle, part I

My first "real" blog will be about painting a Daemon Prince. It's Spellcrow's model ( with the Black Mace and Jump Pack add-ons. I'm also using Secret Weapon Miniatures' Lava Flow 60mm base. These bases are used on my entire army to create a nice slime river bases.

Here's all the parts cleaned and ready to be primed:

And here are all parts primed and waiting for first layers or paint:

I primed everything with Vallejo's Grey Primer except for the loin cloth was primed black using Vallejo's Black Primer.

In the next part I will go through the process of painting the loin cloth and Black Mace using Badger's Minitaire Ghost Tints. They're "candy" paints i.e. transparent paints which will show the layers beneath them.

perjantai 30. elokuuta 2013

True allegiance

This blog will describe my return to Warhammer 40k. I used to play back in the 3rd edition with Tyranids and Space Marines. A little over a year ago I returned to this fantastic and compelling hobby. From old memory I started to collect Nids again, but soon realized that the wispers in my ear weren't enslaving orders of the Hive Mind but the tempting promises of untold glory of Chaos.

Khorne and his never ending lust for blood seemed to simple minded for me. Slaanesh's promises of pleasures untold were too good to be true. Tzeentch and his enigmatic schemes didn't care much for the pawns needed to complete them only the results mattered. Nurgle was the one to catch my attention by his concern of his followers. He took the biggest fear out of me by making me to become the fear itself: Death!

Death Guard's background story immediately struck home and their scheme of sickly green and rusted metal pleased my eye. Even their tactics suited 6th edition because vehicles are much weaker from the rule changes.

I will post painting and conversion blogs and also some battle reports from tournaments. Stay tuned for more and may Father Nurgle rain his blessings uppon you!