maanantai 2. syyskuuta 2013

Champion of Nurgle, part I

My first "real" blog will be about painting a Daemon Prince. It's Spellcrow's model ( with the Black Mace and Jump Pack add-ons. I'm also using Secret Weapon Miniatures' Lava Flow 60mm base. These bases are used on my entire army to create a nice slime river bases.

Here's all the parts cleaned and ready to be primed:

And here are all parts primed and waiting for first layers or paint:

I primed everything with Vallejo's Grey Primer except for the loin cloth was primed black using Vallejo's Black Primer.

In the next part I will go through the process of painting the loin cloth and Black Mace using Badger's Minitaire Ghost Tints. They're "candy" paints i.e. transparent paints which will show the layers beneath them.

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